Bloomberg in Bermuda

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. 12.2.13. Photo by Maurice Pinzon

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. 12.2.13. Photo by Maurice Pinzon

By New York News Network
Reporter #1: “Can you tell us where you were yesterday morning and why you chose not to go to the scene of the train derailment?”

Reporter #2: “There have been reports you were golfing during the day in Bermuda yesterday. Is that something folks should be concerned about?”

“Should you have been here instead of Bermuda?” 

And this question from another reporter: “Why did it take you so many hours to send out that tweet?”

This is what Mayor Bloomberg was faced with the day after the Metro-North train derailment in the Bronx. The mayor usually does not take questions from the press during  bill-signing ceremonies. Normally, there are few reporters during bill-signings. 

But they were there on Monday because according to the Wall Street Journal, Mayor Bloomberg was in Bermuda. The Journal cited, “a person familiar with the matter.” There were no pictures of the mayor in Bermuda. Instead, the Journal’s blog post was accompanied by a picture of the mayor in a winter coat.

At one minute past midnight on January 1, 2014, Michael Bloomberg will no longer be mayor, but until then, it is clear the New York City press corps will assume he is on duty and on call 24/7, and so he had to contend with questions about his whereabouts during the Thanksgiving weekend.

For the record, Mayor Bloomberg said what was important was, did the job get done, and according to the mayor, “It was a textbook kind of response.”

He said, “it’s my job to make sure that our police officers and firefighters and EMTs are well-led, well-trained, well equipped to do the job, and they are, and I think they prove it time and time again, and they did so again yesterday.”

The mayor did not directly answer where he was at the time of the train accident, except to say, “You just have to check the public schedule for  where I am at any point and time and it will certainly tell you anything that is germane for the job. “

And did he tweet?

“I didn’t tweet anybody, maybe my staff did, but you can rest assured, that I did not.”

It is anybody’s guess whether Mr. Bloomberg will tweet once he is out of office.

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New York City Balanced Budget Surprise

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. City Hall. Photo by Maurice Pinzon

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. City Hall. 11.21.13 Photo by Maurice Pinzon

By New York News Network
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg handed Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio an early inauguration day present, a balanced budget. According to Mayor Bloomberg, who made the announcement in the Blue Room at City Hall on Thursday, it probably has never been done before.

“For the first time in modern memory, and perhaps for the first time in New York City history, the budget for an incoming fiscal year has been balanced for an incoming mayor,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

He added, “We have done that without proposing any tax increases or cuts in essential services.”

Mayor Bloomberg, attributed what he referred to as “this historic accomplishment” to “New York’s continued economic growth,” and to his administration’s “fiscal discipline and from the significant savings we’ve achieved in recent months.”

When the mayor proposed, and the New York City Council adopted, the Fiscal Year 2014 budget at the end of June 2013 – the city’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 – the Bloomberg administration, at that time, projected a deficit for the next fiscal year, that is Fiscal Year 2015, in the order of $2 billion.

That budget gap is now projected as closed, according to the mayor. And presumably, that means, Mayor-elect de Blasio will be dealing with one less headache as he seeks to implement his own policies.  

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Mayor Bloomberg Annouces Tech-Arts Initiatve

Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 11.20.13 Steiner Studio, Brooklyn Navy Yard Photo by Maurice Pinzon

By New York News Network
Silicon Valley and Hollywood, watch out!

Carnegie Mellon University will open a new Integrative Media Program in Brooklyn in 2015. The educational effort is the fourth in the Bloomberg administration’s Applied Sciences NYC initiative. 

On Wednesday, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg made the formal announcement at Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where the program will be located. 

Mayor Bloomberg said the education program would be the first NYC applied sciences initiative “melding technology and the arts.” The mayor pointed out that that synthesis was taking place in social media, online gaming, film production, design, architecture and the performing arts.  

The program is expected to increase the engineering faulty and students in the city as well as support the city’s efforts to continue to expand its  information technology sector.

“The convergence of media and technology is real, and its epicenter belongs in New York City. No university has Carnegie Mellon’s strengths in the arts as well as software, hardware, business and science,” said Chairman of Steiner Studios Douglas C. Steiner, who was also at the news conference.

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